Australia Study Visa

Why study in Australia?
Australia, the prominent study destination of the world offers its students with more than 22,000 courses in 1,100 institutions. This makes Australian study visa programs in demand by worldwide students as they have a choice in a number of fields and study areas letting them pursue studies of their interests. The instructions do not only have a quantity of education but provide quality in each and every course. The country has been recognized as a world-class education providing destination. It has also been considered as the 4th happiest country in the world. A huge number of people dream to migrate here and pursue studies and set their career through Australia Immigration. The diversity of the country boosts its economy with a steady growth after a financial crisis in 2008. It is seen as the 3rd most preferred country by the students after US and UK. Australian immigrant students also get an opportunity to work in the province while pursuing studies leading them to get a greater scope of learning and building a better living.

Australian Study Visa is applicable for those students who want to pursue the following courses:

1. Bachelors’ degree
2. Associate degree
3. Graduation certification
4. Diploma graduation
4. Coursework for masters
5. Higher education diploma and advanced diploma

The services offered under this guidance are as follows:

1. Mock visa interview
2. Visa documentation
3. Student guiding programs
4. Visa guidance

An applicant can avail any of these services.

Benefits of getting student guidance visa:

1. One can study in Australia.
2. The family members eligible for the program can come along with the student
3. Once the course commenced in the province, the student can also work for 20 hours a week along with the course
4. The family members can also work for 20 hours week while staying in Australia. During the post-graduation or any master’s degree, a number of working hours allowed in more than 20 per week for family members once the course is commenced… they can work any number of hours.
5. The partner of the student can study up to 3 months in Australia.

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