IRELAND -The Critical Skills Employment Permit / Green Card Permit


The Green Card Permit for Ireland which is also called as the critical Skills employment permit is specifically available for certain specific occupations and salary levels. For an applicant to be eligible for an Ireland Green Card it is mandatory to get a job offer from an employer/company which is registered with the Companies Registration Office in Ireland and the Irish Revenue Commissioners for trading in Ireland. Along job offer it is required to provide evidence regarding the relevant qualifications, skills or experience for the position. Under this program individuals are authorized to work for Registered Companies for trade under shortage skills occupation which is available in our website.

Specifications Of A Job Offer

The job offer should be on company-headed paper which should be dated within the last sixty days and the offer must be for a minimum period of two years. The company should either be a startup or have least 50% of the employees as EEA nationals.

  • A detailed description of the proposed employment by the employer;
  • Skills, qualifications and experience required should be clearly mentioned in detail;
  • Joining/ Starting date of employment;
  • Annual salary applicable , not including bonuses etc;

The Green Card Visa or the Critical Skills Visa Employment permit is issued initially for a period of two years, after which it can normally be renewed indefinitely.

Categories Of Ireland Green Card Application

  • The Green Card Permit available for all occupations, other than those which are “contrary to the public interest? – the annual salary (excluding bonuses) on offer letter is 60,000 or more, then there is no need for a labour market assessment test before applying for the permit.
  • The Green card Permit available for restricted number of strategically important occupations – the annual salary range 30,000 – 59,999 (excluding bonuses).