Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

The Canadian province, Manitoba is located in between Ontario and Saskatchewan. It’s called the “gateway of western Canada” in many ways. Manitoba’s economy is mainly based on natural resources & agriculture, and they are majorly responsible for driving wealth to Canada.

Tight-knit communities, sweeping natural wildness, and a stable labor market benefits the Manitobans.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is the Provincial Nominee Program of Manitoba which allows Manitoba to target prospective immigrants with skills and experience to receive Manitoba’s Provincial Nomination Certificate. This fastens the immigration process.

MPNP include the below Streams:

  1. Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream
  2. Skilled Worker Overseas Stream

Skilled Workers In Manitoba Stream

The Skilled Workers in Manitoba Category works through an Expression of Interest (EOI) System, which allows the eligible candidates to complete a series of questions. Candidates don’t have to upload any supporting documentation before submission of EOI in EOI pool. MPNP will then rank the candidates based on several factors. The candidates with the highest rank by MPNP might be invited to apply to MPNP. There are no limits and deadline for submission of EOIs.

Skilled Workers in Manitoba is not subjected to a points-based assessment for checking the eligibility. This stream accepts applications from the international graduates and temporary foreign workers who are working in Manitoba currently and have been offered a full-time/permanent job offer from an employer in Manitoba.

  1. Need to have a permanent/full-time Job Offer from an employer in Manitoba.

Skilled Worker Overseas Stream

Skilled Worker Overseas Stream of Manitoba uses a points-based system to assess candidates who may be outside of Canada. It accepts applications from the qualified skilled workers who can show a close connection with province through family or friends, past employment or education, or by MPNP’s invitation, and lastly who scored at least 60 points based on the five eligibility factors: age, work experience, adaptability, education, and Language Proficiency.

  1. Candidates must have connectivity with the province through Education, work experience, family or Friend on PR/Citizen.
  2. Family/friend should not sponsor previously to anyone.
  3. Minimum IELTS Requirement.